Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Week Bump Update

It is hard to believe I am into the last 10 week stretch of this pregnancy! Things have been moving along swiftly and I am growing fast. I am now well and truly into maternity clothing for the most part and I have been surprised at how well I have coped with the hot weather thus far. To be fair, it hasn't actually been "that" hot and my weight gain is only up 1kg in the last 5 weeks, so that has made this summer pregnancy much easier to deal with.
I had my glucose screening test a few weeks ago and failed. I never had this problem with the first two and the prospect of having gestational diabetes was quite worrying to me because let's face it, everything worries me! Last weekend I had my follow up GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) and yay, I passed! I have since found out that it is quite common to fail the screening test and have to go back for the two hour GTT. Sitting around at Labtests for two hours was a pain but I made the most of it by taking in a pile of writing to be marked.
Speaking of work, I am back now and working for the first school term. This will take me right up to 38 weeks and things are busy beyond words at the moment. I have very long 'To Do' lists each and every day and am doing my best to tick everything off so I can tackle the next task. On the topic of lists, I am really far behind in organising things for the baby this time around. I usually have a fully decorated nursery and everything prepared by about 18 weeks, but this time the nursery is a mish mash of all sorts of things floating around.
I have found it hard not knowing the gender of the baby this time around and being able to get the room all prepared in advance, in the way I would like. I think that for me personally, I much prefer finding out, rather than waiting for a surprise! I put it down to my control freak nature. :) The other week we did get some storage organised for the nursery though and Taff refreshed his flat pack assembly skills on an Ikea Expedit cube storage unit. I LOVE the Expedit's and would love to get another for our front entrance way.
For the storage underneath, I found some white POLO cube boxes from Freedom and they are a perfect fit for the Expedit and hold quite a bit. These will be great for storing wraps, nappies and all the other things you accumulate when you have a small baby. Well, that is my 30 week update! Soon I will share the way I have been organising all my pregnancy medical "stuff" so that I can keep on top of appointments, etc.

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