Monday, October 1, 2012

Mr 5 Months

Our little guy has now hit the 5 month mark and is becoming more and more fun as each day passes. We have been super lucky in that he is the most relaxed baby ever and rarely cries.
He is a great little sleeper and is still happily sleeping in his bassinet. We are also still wrapping him for sleep and although he settles really well when wrapped, he has now got to the stage where he won't sleep unless wrapped. When we are out, a very precise set of conditions are called for in order for him to sleep. This means we don't go out too often! Still, it is a small trade off for how settled he is at home. :)
He loves playing now and his exersaucer is a real favourite. He jumps away in there very happily and loves batting the toys and trying to chew them. He is at the stage where everything is going in his mouth...including his fingers and thumb.
Every day with him is a real joy and I am soaking up every minute of being at home with him, that I can. I love being a mum and little Elliot has reminded me how fleeting this baby stage is and how much I need to savour and appreciate it. :)

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macandspence said...

Oh he is so yummy T!! Totally got his own little look now :) Mac is desperate to catch up with Harry & Rosie so send us a text when you guys are free & let's try & fit in a couple of holiday get togethers!! x