Monday, October 1, 2012

Green Fingers

Green fingers, I totally don't have them!
One of the downsides of an older property is that there is lots of exisiting planting to try and manage. You inherit other people's plants and tree choices and being a minimalist in the garden, my instinct is to clear the lot.

For the most part though, I don't clear the lot...I leave it to grow wild! I would almost rather do anything at all than weed the garden. Yep, not my favourite thing to do, as you can quite plainly see from the photos. :)
Recently I decided to try and tackle some of the weeding in our front yard, so I bought some cute gloves for the kids and I in the hope it would create a bit of of enthusiasm for us all. It worked...for about an hour. After that the kids dropped away and I was left for the next few hours to go it alone.
I'll be honest, it wasn't fun...but a plain dirt garden bed does look a lot better than an overgrown one. I still have so much to do to and am far from being finished with the weeding, but know that I need to keep plodding on or we will never get to the fun part of finishing the garden in the low maintenence look we like. Next time we buy a house we might go for a half site with no gardens! :)

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