Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bump Update: 36 Weeks

Another bump update..this time with only four weeks to go! I am still working and in no hurry for this little one to arrive. With my first two I was counting down the days in the last few weeks and keen to go into labour at any time. This time I am relishing the last few weeks and trying to appreciate every special kick and movement as I know I will miss it once the baby is born.
I have been a bit restless at night and surprisingly, it isn't due to the many toilet stops! I have been waking in the night and as soon as I start thinking about anything, be it work, the impending labour, etc, I am awake for quite some time. Nights are also a super active time for this little baby so the kicks under my ribs are hard to ignore.
The weather has also turned in the last few days and I am struggling with my maternity work wardrobe! Most of my maternity clothes are for summer and I am having to make do with the ever versatile leggings, a pregnant woman's wardrobe staple. I also started packing my hospital and baby bags on the weekend and it was nice to dig out all the little clothes and nappies, etc. You forget how small they are, and also how fast they grow. Still lots more to do in the next four weeks and with the schedule I have ahead of me at work and at home, I am hoping this little one is comfortable enough to stay in there until my due date. :)

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Kelly said...

I was wondering just yesterday how long you had to go. You look great! All the best for the upcoming weeks, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hopefully you will get a week or so before the baby comes where you can put your feet up and rest a bit :)