Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smurfs Premiere: Part One

A couple of weeks ago Rosie had the opportunity to perform at the Smurfs NZ Premiere at Sylvia Park.
Arriving at the theatre on the morning of the premiere
Her dance class were invited to present a Smurf dance and they worked for several weeks to try and get themselves ready for the big day.
Trying the hat and shoes for size in the foyer
This involved practises twice a week and individual work at home to try and get it looking as sharp as possible.
Quick rehearsal in the empty theatre
Rosie's dance teacher uploaded their routine onto a private You Tube account and she was able to work on this at home in her own time.
Getting her hair slicked back and ready for the hat
We encouraged her to practise at least twice a day and gave her as much feedback as we could, to help her improve.
Leotard on and waiting for make up
Rosie is, by nature, a very shy girl and her dancing has really helped her to come out of her shell.
Smurf transformation begins
She absolutely loves to dance and it has been one of her favourite things to do since she was very small. She even started to dance to the background music in a department store today!
Blue face paint fun
Tomorrow I will share the rest of the Smurf pics. :)

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