Sunday, June 27, 2010

'My Little Girl' Cross Stitch

I must first confess that I have not cross stitched anything since my teen years, however I have been the recipient of some lovely cross stitched items over the years! I have had some very thoughtful students stitch me personalised boomarks and wall hangings in the past. One of them even cross stitched a hand made bib when I was pregnant with Rose. It was too beautiful to use so I have kept it for her in pristine condition so she can see how much she was cared for by my fantastic students in 2004!

I had a lovely class that year who were very excited about our impending arrival, even going as far as throwing me a surprise baby shower one lunchtime with tables full of gifts and a HUGE hand made cookie with 'Congratulations, It's a Girl!' on it!

One student in my class cross stitched a poem for Rose, entitled 'My Little Girl'. It was covered in Duraseal and has sat in her room for the last five years, waiting for me to frame it! Last weekend I finally got around to it, again using one of the white Briscoes frames I mentioned in my last post. I was really happy with how it turned out and it now sits proudly on Rose's drawers as a lovely reminder of some special students that year.

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