Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Favourite Spiderman

As most of you are aware, Harry is Spiderman obsessed and has been for several months. We are always on the look out for anything of a Spiderman nature and have two great buys to share.

The Spiderman DVD's are far too scary for Harry so we searched You Tube and found the kids cartoon version, Spectacular Spiderman. Harry loved watching the clips with me so I tracked down the DVD's at a great online store called Might Ape. I was able to order Volumes 1 and 2 and they were shipped really quickly.

I have now discovered that Harry won't watch them alone and wants me there with him to watch! Consequently, they haven't been watched a lot. :-)

Our second great buy was this super cute Spiderman costume from Lotsa Goodies at Chartwell Westfield. It cost a mere $7 and has provided hours of entertainment since!

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of my cute little Spiderman, he was very proud of himself!

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