Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The "GGGRRRR" Dress

I have called this the "GGGRRRR" dress as this is the sound I often made when making it last night! It started out as a simple project but due to my inexperience with shirring, took quite a bit longer than I anticipated.

I used some pink unicorn fabric that Rose chose a while ago, and pale pink gingham Treehouse (South African designer children's fabric) material for the hem and ties.

I basically hemmed a tube of fabric and set out to shir the bodice in several rows. After sending out an emergency text message to Karen for help, I was able to get started but my first shirring attempts were disastrous. It was far too loose and I just couldn't get the tension right. Several times during the night I was about to give up and just as I really WAS about to give up, I decided to give it one more go. I adjusted the bobbin tension (yet again!) and I finally had success.

The shirred bodice went relatively smoothly after that, it was the hem that was to be my next stumbling block! I initially made a pink gingham gathered frill to attach to the bottom. I was overlocking the frill to the dress and didn't see (it was late!) that there was a fold in the fabric and the overlocker chopped a hunk out of the dress! The only way to salvage it was to cut it much shorter and add a much wider band at the bottom to give it the extra length it needed. It was too late to bother with gathering so I made it into a plain band, which I now love.

When I finished it I felt a great sense of satisfaction and was glad I persevered as I learnt a lot from making it. As a bonus, Rose really loved it! I think I may make a few more for the summer months ahead.

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