Wednesday, October 8, 2008


There are a number of people at work who are having babies in the next few weeks so that has meant baby showers galore!

I decided to make them some bibs as a practical gift, you can never have too many! I used a favourite bib of ours as a pattern, chose some cute prints and used plain flannelette or fleece on the reverse sides.

I have made over 20 of these but due to having such a busy term, they were often made the night before the shower so I didn't have a chance to take photos.

Here are two that I had left over! I have been using metal press snaps from Spotlight and they do work well...when they work! They are quite fiddly and I have wasted countless numbers of pronged pieces by not getting the alignment exactly right. They are too expensive to keep doing this so I am planning on investing in a snap press and some plastic snaps, available from, suppliers of materials required for MCN making. This means 'Modern Cloth Nappies' to the uninitiated! :)

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