Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids Responsibilities Charts

It has become apparent in recent weeks that we needed a new system in our household. We have used our after school routine chart for quite a while now and it has been great for focusing the kids on what needs to be done when we get home in the afternoons.
Lately however, it has become obvious that there wasn't enough detail on it and I was getting the same questions every afternoon regarding what needed to be done before they could have their snacks or enjoy some leisure time.
In addition to this, I discovered that Rosie has been getting homework most weeks from school...and not doing it or showing me! I can't believe I fell for the excuse in hindsight. I mean, I am a teacher and know all about the "Nope, no homework this week, Mum" excuse! I guess I just hoped that my daughter wouldn't be the one using that excuse. lol
Anyway, moving was time to get some much clearer expectations in place and I remembered a little chart I had found on Pinterest recently. There is a great blog called Pinch a Little Save a Lot, which is my kind of blog. It is full of clever organising ideas and there are also some fantastic free printables on there.
This little chore chart can be found there in a very cool boy or girl option, but best of all, it is able to be edited and personalised for your own needs! I sat down this week and thought of all the responsibilities I wanted the kids to work on and they each have their own personalised list. I printed the charts on thicker card and then had them laminated, so we can use a whiteboard marker to tick the checklist each day.

They are now on the wall in the kitchen and even after a couple of days, I have noticed a positive change. They love seeing what needs to be done and being able to check it off their lists. If they fulfill their responsibilities on the checklist then we discuss as a family a special reward, such as a family movie night or another treat. Fingers crossed that this works for us...and that the homework is handed in on time from now on! :)

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those are pretty cool charts...