Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birth Announcement

For a long time I have admired the birth announcements I have seen on Etsy. There are some really creative ones out there, but I wasn't really keen on paying for one. :)

My first attempt at my own birth announcement.
Unfortunately I don't have Photoshop either so the idea of making my own was one I hadn't considered. I also wasn't sure that my technical skills would be up to such a project.
Draft version complete, ready to add colour to.
Recently during one of my quiet afternoons while Elliot was feeding I decided to multi-task and do a quick Pinterest search and see if I could find a free tutorial for making your own birth announcements and as luck would have it, I found one!
Colour draft complete.
The blog, Out of Alabaster had a great, easy to follow tutorial and best of all...all the programmes you need for creating it are free! You just need to decide what information you want to display. I chose Elliot's name and birth details.
Found an all old frame to display my announcement in.
I spent a few minutes playing around with it and came up with a very basic birth announcement for Elliot. I wasn't able to find some of the fonts I wanted, so I had to improvise and find some other substitutes.
Ready for the wall.
There are so many different colour options available and if you spent a bit more time on it (or are a bit more computer savvy than me!), I am sure you could easily replicate some of the gorgeous ones over at Etsy. This one still needs work, but in the meantime, it has added a personal touch to little Elliot's room.

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