Friday, April 9, 2010

Bennett Easter Egg Hunt

Last weekend we held our family Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Rose got up first thing in the morning and searched the front yard but unfortunately Easter bunny appeared to have overlooked that area! I managed to hold off the hunt for another hour or so and then we hit the backyard in search of chocolate treats. There were all sorts of surprises, in all sorts of places!

Nestled in tree stumps by the pool...

in the wood pile...

and under the paddling pool!

Easter bunny is a very smart bunny and knows that Rose and Harry love hunting for eggs but don't particularly like to eat them! In his kindness, he left a little named bag of lollies each, down by the old vege patch.

Those went down very well! :-)

The hunt was all very exciting, as you can see.

Easter bunny had left one final surprise, a Barbie egg behind our oak tree and a Hot Wheels egg by the old wood pile.

Rose and Harry were pleased with their stash from the Easter bunny this year. Most of the eggs are now in the cupboard and will probably stay there for several months. The lollies were gone in less than a minute!

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