Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nautical Duvet Sets

Well, it has taken several months but I have finally completed Harry's nautical theme duvet sets! We bought these bunks off Trademe to use in the interim period before we moved to our new house and they needed a bit of a lift so I decided to finally get sewing!

I had enough fabric for two duvet covers and two matching pillowcases. I used a plain navy polycotton on the reverse side of one duvet and some of my Treehouse red, blue and white check 100% cotton to back the other duvet. I also had enough to make 3 extra pillowcases in the same check fabric and I am really pleased with how they all look together. I picked up a Treehouse lamp shade in the same Treehouse check for $7 and it finishes it off nicely. Harry loved his new "boat" theme and was very happy in here for the few weeks before we moved.

The duvets have been put into storage again now, waiting to be used again when his new single bed arrives. After a few "bunk mishaps" he has been put back in his cot for a few months while we contemplate what changes to make to his current new bedroom. The beige mottled wallpaper has got to go, but in the meantime we are just relaxing and enjoying our new space!

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