Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Crayon Rolls

I decided to make crayon rolls as gifts for the loot bags at Rose's upcoming 4th birthday party. Most of the guests are little girls so I made floral ones for them and star ones for the boys using left over bits of fabric I had in my scrap bag. I got the idea from a tutorial I saw on someone else's blog but I just made up the dimensions and kind of worked out the method as I went.

I had quite a few bags to make and did it in the late evening when I was tired, so the sewing isn't perfect (my rounded corners are different on each one! lol) and some of them aren't perfectly rectangular either but I'm not too worried, they function as they should so that will be fine. :)

I bought gel pens to go inside from the $2 Shop. I thought they might be nice to take to church for quiet times on Sundays.

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